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Obsidian and Elton Gregory Middle School are partnering with Eagle Crest Golf Academy to provide 5 weeks of supervised practices and on-course matches to compete and have fun.  With individualized and group instruction from golf professionals, your young athlete can gain essential skills and knowledge. Each player will get their own personalized uniform and equipment is not necessary!!
This opportunity will be on Mondays and Wednesday after school, we will bus the students to Eagle Crest where we will have PGA golf professionals providing instruction on Tuesdays and on Thursdays they will be guiding on-course 9 hole matches. Only 20 spots are available.

Bussing and Pick up:

After school, the bus will pick students up and take them to eagle crest.
Parents are required to pick up students from the Eagle Crest Resort course at 5:00 pm.

Sign Ups:

Parents will be required to sign their students up for athletics, just like any other sport. Students must have physical and insurance paperwork on file in the office.

Invite Passcode is: Redmond (Case sensitive)

Cost:  $100 – Scholarship opportunities available – please don’t let cost be a barrier. We want to work with you!

Golf Dates:  – Proposed Schedule
May 15th – Practice- 3:15PM
May – 20th Practice- 3:15PM
May 22nd- Match #1- 2:45PM
May 27th- Practice- 3:15PM
May 29th- Match #2- 2:45PM
June 3rd- Practice-3:15PM
June 5th- Match #3- 2:45PM
June 10th- Practice- 3:15PM
June 12th- Match #4- 2:45PM –Final Night!!


Kevin Story Lead Golf Professional
Phone: (541) 504-3877 EMAIL

Jared Young OMS Athletic Director
Phone: (541) 923-4900 EMAIL



Track begins Monday, March 18th

Practices start Monday, March 18th and will be Mon-Fri  2:30-4: 00 PM
(Full team practices are Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri. Wednesday’s will be determined by each event coach.)


    1. Current Physical on file in the office
    2. Insurance Forms on file in the office
    3. Pay to Play fee’s must be paid prior to the first meet! You may bring a check or pay over the phone by calling our office 541-923-4900

2018-19 Track Schedule  
OMS Track Handout

2019-20 Tournament Schedule TBD

2019-20 Basketball Game Schedule TBD
2019-20 Basketball Practice Schedule TBD

2019-20 Basketball Game Schedule TBD

2019-20 Football Schedule – 7th Grade TBD
2019-20 Football Schedule – 8th Grade TBD

2019-20 Schedule TBD

2019-2020 Game Schedule TBD

Fees – Reduced Fees

$125.00 per sport
$75.00 for athletes whose family qualifies for reduced lunches
$50.00 for athletes whose family qualifies for free lunches
$300 Individual Cap
$500.00 Family Cap per school year.

Unexcused/Excused Absences from Practices

Unexcused absences include, but is not limited to suspensions, not telling a coach personally they will miss a practice, or being in school and not showing up at practice.  Extensive absences will result in a loss of playing time and could lead to dismissal from the team. Absences, whether excused or unexcused may impact the students’ ability to participate in games/contests at the discretion of the coach and the Athletic Director.

Excused absences could include things such as family emergencies, family vacations or a player being sick.  Coaches need to be notified if a player is not coming to practice by the parent or player. Sending word with someone other than these people is not acceptable, and will be considered unexcused.  If the absence is extensive, there may be a reduction in playing time due to the nature of competitive team sports. A player must be in school the entire day in order to practice or play in a game.  Sleeping in or not feeling well and then coming to school late will not be “excused”. Athletes that cannot participate in P.E. because of illness or injury the day of a game or practice many not participate that day.  Athletes sometimes must miss some school due to a doctor/dentist appointment. Medical reasons ARE excused if it causes the athlete to miss a partial day and will not result in sitting out a practice or game.